Here are some of the lovely things people have said about us over the years.



“A fantastic instructor. She made the content interesting and relevant. Her style of teaching is inspirational.”

“I wanted to pack her up and take her home with me! So knowledgeable and such an amazing insight to mental health. She was amazing!”

“Wonderful presenter, it was obvious that Rae-Anne has a passion for the topic and this helped make her an engaging educator.”

“Excellent presenter. Course was delivered at a comfortable pace. Information was comprehensive and supported with clear and memorable examples. I felt inspired to further develop my knowledge and skills in mental health.”

“Rae-Anne is a great instructor who is engaging at all times, clearly has a passion for her subject and experience beyond the content of the course.”



“Thanks so much Tanya. It really was a great day. Excellent really important and valuable content, beautifully & professionally delivered but still intimate. I love the way you think and get us to really get in touch with what makes our heart sing & how to plan around that.  Highly recomend this workshop to anyone who is wanting to begin a small business in the healing arts profession. Well done!!!”

“Hi Tanya thanks for your time this afternoon. I got so much out of your session. I feel inspired, motivated and excited by all the possibilities. Can’t wait to see what comes from today’s work.”

“Tanya’s training was packed with useful information that could easily be applied at a practical level – both professionally and personally.”

“Tanya’s delivery style is flawless. She is inclusive and knowledgeable and knows how to get the best learning outcomes out of all participants.”

“Her anecdotal contributions were truly a treasure to hear and the two days flew by as it was so interesting and enjoyable.”